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Home Improvement Loans

Home improvement loans give you the money you need to renovate your home and increase the property value.

Home Improvement Loans From First Empire!

If you're a current homeowner looking to improve the value of their house, looking at our home improvement loans can be the smartest decision you'll make. First Empire Mortgage is proud to announce that we've added home improvement loans to our portfolio after many requests! Find out how easy it is to make an investment in your home that will pay off with great rewards later by filling out the form at the top of the page and talking to one of our home improvement loans representatives. Read on for more information and advice about our newest addition!

Home Improvement Loan - Get One The First Empire Way!

Depending on the amount of money you want to borrow, and the equity you have built up in your home, you will choose to go with either our home equity loans or our home improvement loans. You will need to determine how much money First Empire will let you borrow and how large a package you can afford. Since you will be making monthly payments, you must determine how those payments will fit into your household budget. We recommend sitting down and reviewing your household budget after contacting us and determining what the maximum amount you are comfortable paying is. There are many home loans sites available on the web and through sites like that can help you determine what your home improvement loan payments can be.

Before you go through the expense of bringing in an architect to draw up plans, you might want to do a rough estimate of how much your desired project will cost. Keep in mind that work you do to your house is an investment that will have an impact on your home's resale value. However, if you simply can't afford it at the moment, the impact on your home's future value won't really matter. There are many firms that will offer a free estimate based on rough specifications, which will help you determine the amount of the home improvement loans you are looking at prior to your even requesting one!

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